Wedding Photography Accessories For Better Photos In Jakarta

A closeup portrait of the bride and groom holding hands outdoors - best wedding photography accessories

Wedding Flashes

Wedding Photography Accessories For Better Photos In Jakarta – Some wedding images are simply impossible without a flash. Like i said in previous posts, the light and brightness on some places in Jakarta is very different and tough to shoot, that’s why wedding photography vendor in Jakarta tend to use off camera flash. If you’re just starting to accumulate wedding photography accessories, start with a flash (or two). Flash makes those dark dance floor shots possible and will literally add a sparkle in the eye during the portrait sessions.

Wedding flashes differ based on the camera brand that you shoot with. In general, a mid-level flash is usually a good starting point. The budget flash won’t have quite enough features for weddings. There’s so many stores in Jakarta that sells wedding photography accessories with reasonable prices.

If your wedding photo style is more dramatic and you want to overpower the sun for portraits or use flash at the end of your 200mm lens, then yes, that pricier flash may be worth it. But in many cases, a mid-level flash is all you need to add a soft fill light, create catchlights in the eyes or add a bit of depth with some off-camera flash.

In wedding photography, if there’s something you absolutely can’t shoot without, get two. The flash is one wedding photography accessory that I have a backup in. We recommend you to try the Nikon SB-700 or the Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT. For more power, try the Nikon SB-5000 or Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT.

Light Modifiers

Flash is essential, but one more, less expensive accessory will help you really love that flash — a modifier. Flash modifiers, in conjunction with using manual flash to control the light output, will help you create photos that don’t have that obvious, harsh flash shadow to them.

The trouble with flash modifiers is that they still need to be small enough to use on-camera when necessary. A small diffuser will spread the light out over a wider area, softening those shadows. A bounce card will help get that softer light by bouncing the light even when there’s no wall available. From what we know,wedding photography vendors in Jakarta tend to use light modifiers.

For off-camera flash, a shoot through umbrella is an inexpensive way to get soft light, even for group formals.  We recommend you to try the MagMod Magsphere flash diffuser or the Rouge FlashBender flexible bounce card.

Video Light

Some wedding photographers prefer video lights over flashes .Others keep both handy since they have somewhat different uses. But it is very rare in wedding photography Jakarta, because of the highly expensive price.

Video lights are constant light sources, which helps photographers visualise exactly how the light will look without taking a test shot first. The constant light source can also help the camera autofocus in a dark scene. Video lights are also handy for lighting macro shots. If video lights sound more like your style, look for something with adjustable light levels that’s not going to take up a lot of room in your bag. We recommend you to try the Wescott Ice Light 2 Daylight LED.


Wedding flashes and video light allow for the most control, but when the available light is already beautiful, the reflector is a champ at getting well-lit wedding formals. Reflectors bounce the light that’s already there, which means light that’s perfectly balanced.

Reflectors are great for filling in a backlit bridal portrait or portraits of the couple. Reflectors are also inexpensive compared to other lighting accessories. The large size can make them harder to handle, however, and reflectors don’t really work on a cloudy day or when there’s little existing light to work with.

Shoot through reflectors are easier to manage, particularly for photographers working without an assistant, and create a nice, even light. Wedding photographers should also look for a reflector that has several different types of surfaces, like a white for a softer light, silver for stronger light, and black to create your own shade. We recommend you to try the Wescott Omega Reflector 360.

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