Off Camera Flash for Wedding Photography In Jakarta

What is It?

Off Camera Flash for Wedding Photography In Jakarta – The general idea is that you find a way of syncing your camera with your flash. This allows you to take the flash off your camera so that you can illuminate your subject for a different angle. We, as a wedding photography vendor in Jakarta, have experienced so many places that are very different with each other. One has a very low brightness, the other had a very high brightness. So in Jakarta, an off camera flash is needed.

You’ll need a separate off camera flash but there’s plenty of choice to suit your budget and needs.

Taking the flash off your camera opens up a world of different options when it comes to diffusing the light through various umbrellas, softboxes and beauty dishes.

Why you Should use it

It’s not the flash that you use that’s important, but where you put it. Good flash positioning can allow you to disguise the light from being very obvious and flat to something more subtle and natural looking.

The biggest difference that this makes is in the depth. As we all know, when you fire the flash at the same angle as your lens, you flatten all the natural shadows. When you have your flash off your camera, you can move it into a position where it only lightens specific areas.

What you got to Have

Of course, you’re going to need an external flash unit, and preferably one that is made to go with your camera; you’ll simply have more control over it when it’s off the camera.

You have 4 main options for syncing your camera with the off flash.

– Use PC Sync Cable
You need a flash with a PC sync cable port to make this work (some entry level cameras don’t have these) and a flash that can be plugged it into.
– Use Off-Camera Shoe Cord 
It’s a popular choice and is becoming increasingly popular amongst pros due to the ability to carry metering information down the cord to the flash.
– Use Infrared Transmitter
It does the same job as the cord above but wirelessly. The transmitter also fires an assist beam which really helps to focus in the dark.
– Use Radio Transciever
This is what a lot of professional photographers use as their workhorse gear; it’s easy to set up and reliable for long distances and periods of time.


The biggest thing you’ll notice when adjusting your flash placement is that you need to be careful of the shadows you cast. As i said above, wedding photography in Jakarta is tad bit difficult because of the different light and brightness in some places.

If you set the flash up 90° to the subjects face, you’re always going to cast a harsh and unnatural shadow from the side of the nose, spreading across the cheek.

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