Free Entry Location For Pre Wedding Photography In Jakarta

Free Entry Location For Pre Wedding Photography In Jakarta – While married, there is a lot of couples who choose to perform pre wedding photo session shortly before marriage held, Most couples think it is one thing to do and is obliged to do. If you have any difficulty in the matter of cost and had only cost in limited amounts, but it does not mean you ca not make pre wedding photographs. You can do it by means of alleviating the cost ( no need to paid anything ) and even you can do it in beautiful locations in Jakarta that can be used for free.

Pre Wedding Location In Jakarta

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Do not need to go out of town or even abroad to perform pre-wedding photoshoot, Jakarta also had a lot of the proper location to take the photoshoot. The following is several locations in Jakarta which could be free to photograph the pre wedding :

• Monas
Monas have a large park suitable for taking the pre wedding photoshoot, there are also several body that could beautify your moment, as a waterfall, park benches, and even some shade trees that would make him prettier and shade.

PelabuhanSunda kelapa
The unique and it is pretty which could be the next item, a row of a ship and port the typical is between blueprints the sea by the heavens treats the blueprints will be charming. Location closest to Penjaringan area, North Jakarta, will make your pre wedding session are so far of the frugal and expensive.

• KotaTua
Want visible classical and also saved the deep historical? Kota Tua may provide as a choice. In there you can get picture with exotic old buildings as a background. But not every side in the old city can be used for free, because it is important to know what information has been from the beginning.

• TamanLangsat
Taman Langsat also can choose as a pre wedding place. Located in the South Jakarta, this park have clean and pretty green grass. A well maintained is also adjacent to the Barito bird market can you make as the spot to capture your pre wedding photo.

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