Drone for Wedding Photography In Jakarta

The New Way to Capture Memories

Clickzone Photobooth as a wedding photography vendor in Jakarta haven’t use the drone technology yet. But we are willing to share the knowledge and our analysis to use drone for wedding photography in Jakarta.

Take Advantage of Your Venue

Drone for Wedding Photography In Jakarta – Drone shots can capture dynamic, illustrative videos and images that display the scope and scenic context of your event. Are you tying the knot on a mountainside, vast valley or other stunning location? or in this case, the buildings in Jakarta that have been challenging for us wedding photography vendor in Jakarta to shoot. Imagine looking through your wedding album on your 20th anniversary and having a sweeping aerial snapshot of your venue. It’s an amazing way to take full advantage of the gorgeous space you chose.

Impossible Made Possible

Since drones are so versatile, you’ll be able to get creative with your wedding shots. Gather your guests on the lawn to spell out words or organize them in other fun ways. Wedding photography vendors in Jakarta who uses drone had caught several incredible, emotional moments that wouldn’t have been possible to get from the ground, like the bride and her father hiding on one side of the house while the groom waits to see her at the altar—all in one shot. The contrast between the intimacy of those moments and the epic grandeur of the vista makes these shots so spectacular.

Minding the Elements

Drones are pretty tough, but they’re still electronic devices, so that means no flying in heavy rain or crazy winds. The Jakarta weather is not friendly enough for us wedding photography vendor in Jakarta. The good news is that cold weather won’t deter them. Drones have insulated batteries, and we should keep everything in the car with a battery warmer, right up until they’re ready to fly. Plus, once the drone starts discharging, it’ll generate its own heat. Who knew? Plus, if your nuptials are taking place in a chilly climate, you might not get many shots of your guests outdoors anyway.

Outside Is Best

Drone pilots can fly vehicles inside, but it’s much more risky, so proceed with caution. Having enough space isn’t the only issue, though. It’s the best to avoid drone use at an indoor ceremony because of the noise. Overall, outside will probably be your best bet. If you’re having an outdoor wedding and you’re not thinking about using a drone, you should. Especially if it’s on a piece of family property where it’s timeless, beautiful and special. Or if you’re doing a wedding on a boat, for example, how else are you going to get a shot unless you have a drone?

No Close-Ups

Drones should always augment and never interfere, so definitely stay away from close-ups. Not only is it very unsafe, but it’s also obnoxious, intrusive and loud. If you’d hoped to capture your vows with a drone camera, you’re out of luck—there’s no audio from the drone. Well, you don’t need to capture the vows to capture the scene. What you can do is film the walk and the couple meeting the officiant at the altar, and then land the vehicle. You still get the shot you need without interrupting anything.

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